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Share your experiences as it relates to the coronavirus global pandemic / COVID-19

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Team4hope.org is bringing public health awareness and education.

We are offering a free membership to JOIN as “True Believer Group”

 We have (3) quick and easy secure ways to JOIN Today!!.

  1. Go to team4hope.org website and hit the tap JOIN
  2. Email us at teambringshop@gmail.com &      email your name and say JOIN Today

By JOINING NOW, you will receive a free educational yard sign and are available while supplies last. “SO, DON’T WAIT”

Once you JOIN TODAY all members will receive confirmation through email, so providing a valid email is crucial for communication with the group. All information provided is kept secure and will not be shared.

By becoming a member, your membership will consist of:

  1. Newsletters public health awareness
  2. Resource guide and information
  3. Individual and group support counseling/coaching for public health “global pandemics stressors”
  4. Counseling/Coaching COVID-19 victims
  5. Questions, answers & directions facing Coronavirus in your community and neighborhoods
  6. Neighbors supporting neighbors
  7. Blogging your experiences, frustrations, and helpful tips
  8. And much more……….

All information provided for Joining “True Believer Group” is on volunteer bases and will have the option to OPT to stop.   

Let’s All JOIN TODAY & Stay Safe My Friends

Gayla (GLC)